• All-day live surgery and live rehabilitation with fixed prosthesis
  • Access to different treatments performed at the clinic


Professionals experienced in implant dentistry Minimum Number of participants : 1 Dentist Maximum Number of participants: 2 Dentists


MAR-Booking closed ‘APRIL 19-21, 2019 I MAY 10-12, 2019

JUN 14-16, 2019 I JULY 12-14, 2019 I SEP 13-15, 2019 I NOV 08-10, 2019


We may arrange other dates, please contact us at 93817 83835, Call: 040 2337 2337



The residency program is well structured, clinical oriented and meticulous in Diagnostic,Surgical and Prosthetic aspects of implant dentistry. Residents completing this program will have a good undestanding of biology necessary

to successfully place and maintain dental implants,address complications both in the Surgical and Prosthetic arenas, and provide their patients with comprehensive treatments.

This course is designed to lay special emphasis on Practical and Clinical aspects of Immediate Loading in Graftless solutions.


Evolution of tilted implants and cortical Implantology, Biomechanics, Evidence based dentistry on Tilted Implantology. Immediate Loading WHY’ WHERE I WHEN I HOW?

  1. Patient Assessment Level:

Implant Paradigm shifts- Graft and Graft less Solutions. Surgical anatomy and Applied anatomy

(Case selection: Different treatment options in Edentulous Maxilla)

  1. Diagnostic Level:

CBCT analysis and Guided surgery

Panorama assessment and RadioVisioGraphy assessment Diagnostic models, Photography and Stereolithographic evaluation.

  • Surgical Level:

Armamentarium, Implant specifications Surgical Techniques and Protocols, Pharmacology

Live Surgery :

Full arch / Full Mouth Rehabilitation with TTPHILTm-ALL TILT PROTOCOL

Implant Placement of All on 4 and Pterygoids on

Grey Resin Steriolithographic models Mandible / Maxilla, Sinus Bypass, Nasal Cortical Engagement,Inferior Alveolar Nerve Bypass, Canine Bypass

IV: Prosthetic level:

  • Screw Retained Prosthetic Solutions Vs Cement Retained Prosthetic Solutions
  • Principles of Multi unit Abutments & Other Components
  • Impression Techniques

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